Harold Emanuel

I am a mystery writer and I’ve just published my first book, Murder in the Sunset Years, which is available on Amazon.com. I earned a bachelor’s degree with a major in American History from the University of Cincinnati, and a master’s degree with a concentration in Information Technology from the University of Baltimore. I spent my career working in the information technology field. I currently teach Information Technology at Hillsborough Community in Florida.

When I began writing mysteries, I decided to use the knowledge I gained in my career when crafting my plots. My killers would use cyber-tools to commit their crimes and my detectives would use it to solve the murders. While writing my book, I did a good deal of research into the emerging field of Forensic Technology, the techniques law enforcement uses to catch the bad guys.  In this blog I will share the knowledge I have gained with fellow mystery writers and anyone else who may be interested in this field.

I live with my wife, Katherine, and dog, Reggie, in a Florida community much like my fictional Sun Coast Shores. I joined the Mystery Writers of America and Sister in Crime and plan to become an active member of our Florida chapers.. I look forward to meeting my fellow Floridians at organization events.